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The Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) was formed to unify psychologists and other mental health professionals in promoting and supporting excellence in the practice of psychology.

MEPA has three essential goals:

  • Destigmatize the regional view of psychology
  • Provide the region with resources and education for practitioners and consumers
  • Adhere to an ethical code of practice


The Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being and firmly upholds the value of humanity. As an association that values the principles of human rights, we recognize the inherent preciousness of every life, and we acknowledge the immense psychological and emotional toll conflicts take upon individuals and communities. Prolonged exposure to crisis can lead to severe mental health difficulties.

MEPA considers mental well-being as our foremost priority, and we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering essential mental health assistance. Our mission is to foster resilience, support, recovery, and promote emotional healing for our entire community. As an association of dedicated psychologists, we can connect individuals that may need psychological assistance with qualified mental health professionals from our different country chapters and offer counseling to those enduring emotional distress.

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