The Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) was established in November, 2010, to unify psychologists and other mental health practitioners in the Middle East. The Middle East Psychological Association has several goals. For one, it aims to unify all of the psychologists and mental health clinicians in the Middle East. The organization also aims to be a resource for the Middle East community and to destigmatize the practice of psychology, which has traditionally been seen as a Western phenomenon. The Middle East Psychological Association will also provide ongoing professional development activities in the form of workshops, trainings, and public information for both consumers of mental health resources and social service professionals.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, MEPA has created an ethics code for mental health practice in the Middle East. The ethics code is drawn largely from the American Psychological Association and all members of MEPA have agreed to practice according to the code. In addition to protecting the public from ethical violations, the organization serves as a resource for when clients and consumers believe their clinician has behaved unethically.

Membership is open to psychologists, counselors, social workers, therapists, allied professionals (e.g., teachers, occupational therapist, etc.) This Facebook page will have information regarding MEPA’s ongoing activities and relevant mental health information. Please feel free to post comments or questions!

MEPA is a non-profit association, incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana, USA. MEPA is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Executive Committee (2023-2025)


Dr. Joanne Hands, PhD, LPC, LMFT


Dr. Michel Nawfal, MD, MA


Ms. Nikhila Thomas, MS


Marie Abdel-Ahad, MSc

Social Coordinator

Lana Toufaili, MSc


Membership Committee

Lilian Haddad, MA

Abeela Haq, MA

Professional Development Committee

Dr. Jacquelyn Berry, PhD

Dr. James Rose, PhD

Tina Balachandran, MSc

Community Outreach Committee

Sara Powell

Tina Balachandran, MSc

Ethics Committee

Dr. Patricia Eid, PsyD

Dr. Katrina Franklin, PhD


Code of Ethics


Adopted Bylaws